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ERN RARE-LIVER is a Europe-wide network for centers of excellence in the clinical management of rare liver disease in adults and in children. Types of diseases covered by the network currently include: Autoimmune liver diseases (AILD), metabolic liver diseases, biliary atresia, rare cholestatic liver diseases; structural and vascular liver disease and rare liver disease in pregnancy.

For more information please see For any question and information on how to use the Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS*), contact ERN RARE-LIVER on:
CPMS can be accessed here:

* CPMS is a web-based clinical software application providing a secure platform to exchange expertise on difficult rare disease cases. Healthcare professionals can enroll and discuss own patients, as well as contribute their expertise to the panel of a colleague. Full Members and Affiliated Partners can apply for regular accounts. Collaborative Partners and External Experts can apply for guest accounts. A guest account will only be active for a limited time frame between three months and one year or as long as the panel for the case discussion is open.

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